MAX-CHARGE Mobile Phone Charging Station

Give your customers that extra service with a MAX-CHARGE Phone Charging station.

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Mobile Phone Charging Stations for almost any business including Offices, Airports, Bus / Rail stations, Pubs, Restaurants, Cinemas, Clubs & Retail


The power of MAX-CHARGE

Customer satisfaction

A smartphone charging station provides an extra service to your customers, customers stay longer on your premises. Satisfied customers return.

Boost Revenue

Customers with smartphones like to have them well charged – when a charge goes below a certain level they like to re-charge. Knowing that you have an Intelligent, Secure and Fast charging station will entice them into your premises where they will spend more time and create more revenue for you.

Revenue Options - Coin operated stations

We can provide the Charging stations for free – Install and maintain them- Keep your customers happy and on your premises. Alternatively, talk to us about purchasing our phone charging lockers outright.

Intelligent Phone Charging Solutions

Perfect for your customers to charge their phones while they are on your premises. .

Wireless Chargers

Intelligent Social WiFi Solution

We also offer cloud-based WiFi management platform through our sister company
We transform your WiFi into a marketing, communication, analytics and security tool.
Customers login to Guest WiFi with their social account, email or phone number. You can see who they are and instantly send greetings, coupons and ads based on their profiles and visits. We know relationships start on premise, let us help you build them.

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